Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Take ownership of your witchcraft and confront the evils in society

Arbo the Wild Hunt (from Wiki Commons)

Cognitively, perceptually our society has a problem. While we fiddled, Rome burned. The same old evils that have plagued man since the beginning of civilization are back with a vengeance. Inequity under the law, racism, sexism, slavery, government corruption, corrupt merchants (corporations). It's all back and worse than ever (here's a hint - it never truly left). Yet, many still actively claim at great pains that there is nothing wrong and folks need to grow some thicker skin.

I once posted to a very prominent magical forum, that was active with all sorts of practical magic and sorcery. The post was about a case in Ireland where human traffickers were using magic and other practices to subdue their rape slaves and keep them pleasing their wealthy white patrons. I wanted folks to engage and support going after these bad-actors, and I had not a single reply in favor or even comment. Nothing. From folks actively learning how to apply magic practically in every given situation. They just weren't interested and couldn't be bothered and maybe even just a little afraid of being attacked back magically by the human traffickers.

No. I will not let these things continue to be. Black Lives Matter, yes all lives matter, but don't fail to see the inequality black people in the United States face daily. Let us not turn a blind eye to sons of wealthy corporate officers getting out of rape charges, murder charges, and DUI charges (I could keep going). No more, will trafficked persons be somehow the slave's fault. Debts, and evil spells, and the trauma of daily rape keeps them a prisoner and most treat this with a shoulder shrug and tell me it doesn't matter, or that there is nothing that they can do about it anyways. Wrong. Raise social awareness, let loose your wrath via every applicable spell and working you can engage your spiritual court with. Raise a pestilence of goblins and imps against them. Harrow them to their graves. Our witchcraft is not meant to be nice or pretty or neat. Apocalyptic Witchcraft - this is what Peter Grey has been calling for years for. I thoroughly agree.

Join the Wild Hunt, pursue them, run them down, feast on them with the legion of spirits that have been wronged, with the predators that pursue the pursuer, the rapist and the murderer. Tread them down into the muck and mud, and strip flesh from their bones. Let their bones be shattered and riven. No safe end or refuge will be had for the rapist, the murderer, the corrupt politician, and for those that turn a blind eye to their neighbors in need. Realize that you and I are not innocent either. There are those we've wronged either directly or indirectly and an account will be given for it. It is a perilous thing to give yourself into the power of the Wild Hunt, but we need to now more than ever.


  1. You know I did some digging what really produces racism. Narcissism. That what a narcissistic personality does. They demonize others (forgive the term) to up lift them selves. What produces narcissism are people who were abused in some manner. Wouldnt it be better to dig deeper into and figure out how to deal with the real root of the issue instead of firing off magic on what you think is the issue? Another question, how do you know your ideals are making things better and not worse?

  2. Also, the divide between left and right is getting intense. If there are not new ideas that unify against the true enemy (corporate might) the violence will only get worse and nothing will improve.